Camel ride Marrakech

Discover the palm grove of camel ride Marrakech !


A dream to realize during your walk is the traditional walk on camels.

The Agency Touareg quad gives you the opportunity to move up on the back of these camel ride Marrakech, out of the track, experience an exceptional lifestyle and explore Marrakech and its surroundings… on a dromedary back!

The camel tour in Marrakech! An opportunity to live an unusual experience.

Rides on camels and dromedaries backs are part of daily activities organized by the Touareg Quad agency and allow you to experience an unforgettable camelid experience in the palm groves of Marrakech, to discover the life of Nomads, or taste traditional Moroccan dishes.

In this context, our agency located in Marrakech offers you a selection of walks in the heart of the palm trees and oases of the ocher city and surroundings, while allowing the choice of the stages of your journey.

Our professional team will assist you throughout the ride, making sure you are comfortable and satisfied with our rich heritage discovery programs in this imperial city.

An original and joyful adventure, the caravan of familiar and cordial dromedaries will take you along the trails at a pace allowing you to fully enjoy the most varied attractions of causes.

Our agency also suggests the discovery of the lifestyle of the nomads by wearing the traditional blue clothing and tasting the delicacies cooked on wood fire in the most peaceful and serene environment.

So let us guide you, our drivers will come pick you up at your hotel or your guest house, to take you to the starting point of our courses, and enjoy a ride of one hour and half on the back of the camel ride marrakech, with a cheich on « scarf and protecting turban » and accompanied with one of our caravaneers who will guide you on the path of the palms trees, the rock desert of Marrakesh and discover a perfectly suitable area for this activity, while enjoying the art of living of the villagers outside the ocher city

The Program of the dromedary and camel ride Marrakech:

  • Duration: 1h 30 minutes
  • Availability: everyday
  • Departure time: It varies according to the season, please contact us.
  • Book it today et pay later
  • Lowercost
  • Luxury service

What is included:

  • The roundtrip from and to your hotel/riad.
  • A comfortable means of transport.
  • Providing the Cheich « protective scarf » during the ride.
  • Caravaneers or cameldriver.
  • A traditional snack.
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